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The Forum


Welcome to The Forum, here we discuss Theosophical issues that are of interest to all students of this philosophy. In the past BN had a talk list and it was very popular, and we had many members that came from all over the globe. We hope that this will be repeated in The Forum. We are anticipating starting up the Forum in early part of 2016.

The Forum will be monitored by old-time students of Theosophy and the comments will be rejected if they are not within the perameters set below.

Rules that will be observed:

1. That we respect all contributors.

2. That comments or messages will be free of any vulgarity.

3. That comments or messages be Theosophically oriented.

4. All emails and member information will be kept confidential and not sold.


Scholarship Forum

BN is introducing this special section for the pursuance of Theosophy in today's arena. It was Reed Carson's favorite subject, how to promote a serious scholarship of Theosophy using the tool of publication. The search for Truth is a never ending search, and we will never know the Absolute Truth to anything, as we are on a long journey of spiritual evolution. Yet, we are inculcated by H. P. Blavatsky to continue to hone, ever more precisely, our understanding of what is True. This requires investigation of ideas and the discussion of the ideas presented in true scholarship. This is what universities were all about before PCism got involved.

"We hope the considered opinions - pro or con - published here will advance our understanding of the Truth". -Reed Carson (Founder of BNet)


COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Please note that much (or all) of the material in this forum is NOT copyrighted by Blavatsky Net but is instead copyrighted by the various individuals and entities as described on the indiviual articles and pages. Please respect their copyrights.


Literary Contributions

Tibetan Sources - by Richard Taylor (This paper was a step in the process toward a Ph. D. dissertation on the subject.)

This paper endeavors to show that many elements of Blavatsky's Theosophy can be found in Tibetan Buddhism - in both relatively esoteric and relatively exoteric sources, which were not available to western students or scholarship in her time. This conclusion adds substantial validation to her claims concernig her trans-himalayan sources.

This preliminary thesis by Richard Taylor has occassioned considerable controversy in the Theosophical Internet Community. Understandably so. At the same time it offers positive new points on HPB. My hope is that we can advance the cause of truth here and elsewhere by a joining of opinion on the subjects covered. -Reed Carson

The Transpersonal Model of Death as Presented in Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy - by Dr. Jean-Louis Siémons.

This paper demonstrates that the details and broad aspects of the near death experience, as discovered in the later 20th Century, were previously desribed, and asserted to be true, by H. P. Blavatsky and W. Q. Judge, a century earlier.

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