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 Dinosaurs And Men

Reed Carson
BNet Newsletters
July, 2004

 Dear Member of Blavatsky Net,

WELCOME to the resumption of the monthly Blavatsky Net Newsletter. This letter is being sent to all those in the Blavatsky Net (BN) database who are actively receiving daily email from the BN-study talk list or who joined BN during this recent May or June. To unsubscribe just respond to this message with an indication to unsubscribe and I will remove you from the database - or you can now resign yourself from membership through the homepage at

The database of BN allows members to meet other people with similar interests in Theosophy. Members can send email to other members without the receiving member having to reveal his or her own email. This way we can afford to meet each other in this spam filled age without exposing our email address. In my opinion this possibility for mutual contact is such an important value for the Theosophical community that I have decided to re-institue the monthly newsletter. The associated newsletter will allow me to keep the database current so that people who have long forgotten their joining of BN will not be surprised when they recieve unwanted mail from a forgotten location. Also of course, I hope the monthly newsletter will have material of interest.

Now on to Theosophy. One of statements of Blavatsky that has captured my attention is in Blavatsky's master work, the Secret Doctrine, is "Modern Science is drawn more every day into the maëlstrom of Occultism; unconsciously, no doubt, still very sensibly."

Do others think this has occured? I do. At least in many and important ways. From time to time this Newsletter will be commenting on that one sentence.

For fun, I thought to start commentary on that sentence by discussing what Blavatsky has said about Dinosaurs. (My guess is that many seekers actually like Dinosaurs though we don't actively go around saying so.)

In the Secret Doctrine (SD) Vol II p 218-9 she says:

"These animals, 'weird and terrible,' were, to give a few instances ... (3) the Dinosaurians ( in the Jurassic beds of the Rocky Mountains), of still more gigantic proportions ... All these were co-existent with man, most probably attacked man, as man attacked them; and we are asked to believe that the said man was no larger then than he is now!"

This is a relatively obscure point in the SD but it certainly does conflict with what we are told by traditional science. Traditional science says that the dinosaurs became extinct between 64 and 65 million years ago. It futher adds that "homo erectus" came into existence something like 2 million years ago. This means that man and the dinosaurs missed each other by more than 60 million years! Blavatsky's assertion that dinosaurs and man were co-existent is in vast contradiction to traditonal science on this point.

The obvious question: Has any evidence been found that could possibly support Blavatsky's view? The Christian oriented site (now defunct -BNet Editors) discusses the question why we do not find dinosaur bones and human bones together. You might find that interesting. It also asserts "Furthermore, various ancient paintings, figurines, rock carvings, and historical references confirm they were contemporaries upon the Earth."

I wanted to bring forward here a book I have read recently. It is "Darwin's Mistake". The subtitle is "Antediluvian discoveries prove: dinosaurs and humans co-existed." More information on it can be found in the store at Silk Road Traveler.  My suggestion is that you at least visit that URL and have a look at the bookcover. It shows a picture of a human footprint where the human has stepped into the footprint of a dinosaur. They coexisted!

You will recognize the human footprint. But you may not be current on your recognition of dinosaur tracks. If you look closely at the image you will see that the much larger footprint of the dinosaur is "walking" in the same direction and you can see its three large toes. One on the left another on the right and one in the middle.

This is not simply a single footprint. The dinosaur tracks extend at length through numerous steps. The human footprints extend in a normal walking gait - left, right, left, at appropriate distances.

Yes these have been given some examination by scientists. When one stone example of the human footprints was cut and examined, it was found that the material just under the foot was compressed and more dense than the other fossil material. This showed it was not a fake. In one case a specimen was discarded for a reason that did cause me to laugh out loud. The reason - the footprint was too perfect!

An examination of the human prints and gait does indicate a slightly larger than normal sized human. This tends to support the reference to size made by Blavatsky in the original quote. However these prints were made relatively more recently so we should not expect too much variation from current human size.

Yes, this would throw science on its head. Here is the problem - in order to make sense of its data, science has to be corrected in many ways simultaneously. Over time I will address more of these and attempt to put together a coherent whole as indicated in the SD.

One more thing. Just today as I write this a very interesting item made the news. You might;long-secret-ancient-ruins-are-revealed.html.  It states:

SALT LAKE CITY - For more than 50 years, rancher Waldo Wilcox kept most outsiders off his land and the secret under wraps: a string of ancient settlements thousands of years old in near perfect condition.

Hidden deep inside eastern Utah's nearly inaccessible Brook Cliffs region, 130 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, the prehistoric villages run for 12 miles along Range Creek, where Wilcox guarded hundreds of rock art panels, cliffside granaries, pit houses and rock shelters, some exposing mummified remains of long-ago inhabitants.

The sites were occupied for at least 3,000 years until they were abandoned more than 1,000 years ago, when the Fremont people mysteriously vanished.

By the way, in the finds at Salt Lake City, individuals were mumified in the same way as done in some cases in Egypt. Now how did that happen?

If you would like to discuss the above thoughts please do so on the BN-study talk list. You can join this talk list through the homepage at (The software has been fixed to allow this.)
Reed Carson


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