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Theosophy is a fragment of the ancient,

once universal, wisdom teaching.

Daily quotes from the Secret Doctrine

"The human mind can hardly remain entirely free from bias, and decisive opinions are often formed before a thorough examination of a subject from all its aspects has been made. — Secret Doctrine Vol I, intro page xvii.


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1. HPB Articles: Zoroatrianism

2. WQJ Articles are now all up.

3. We have uploaded Reed Carson Newsletters.

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We are happy to announce that the first twelve chapters of Key To Theosophy are now up, we will be completing all chapters in the next few weeks. Much is going on, more of Reed Carson's newletters have been added in the last few weeks.  Happy reading. 

To all BNet visitors, welcome to the site. Here we hope that you will be able to find answers to those questions that religion nor science can answer. For example, why do young children die, and where is the justice for wrongdoing when the evil ones go free. Why do we sense we have had another life in some distant past or future?

We are continuing to upgrade our pages, for example; HPB's articles are now all uploaded, same for WQJ's articles.  Also, please note that throughout the website we are adding links of interest and which are related to the subject matter of that particular page; for example on the page Madame Blavatsky, we have added a very good article by William Q. Judge on HPB's life, "Esoteric She," which he wrote after her death. BNet hopes that in this manner we add to the students' knowledge and aid their personal studies.


"An Invitation to the Secret Doctrine."

9781557000095mHelpful background and introduction to Blavatsky's magnum opus - the monumental source book for esotericism in our age.

The masters of Theosophy, located in Tibet and around the world, preserve and extend this ancient wisdom. Periodically they send forth one of their own - or a messenger - to help spread this teaching to all of humanity.

In the 1800's they had been searching for a century for the next messenger and finally settled upon Helena Blavatsky, born to a noble Russian family. She saw the master who would be her teacher in her dreams as a child. She met him in Hyde Park in London when she was 20. She managed to enter Tibet and was trained by those masters in Tibet from 1868 to 1870. From 1875 through her death in 1891 she spread that message around the world.

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HP Blavatsky wrote extensively regarding scientific thought of her day and where it was going wrong in the context of the ancient wisdom that she presented to the world in her opus magnum "The Secret Doctrine." Materialism was and still is the root of negative extremism, and the pursuit of its dogma is leading mankind into areas of irresponsibility and immorality.

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What is wrong with Darwinism, right with Intelligent Design, and who was the designer.

Theosophy is the name Blavatsky gave to that portion of knowledge that she brought from the masters to the world. It comes from the term "Theosophia" used by the Neoplatonists to mean literally "knowledge of the divine".

Perhaps all of her work can be summed up in one of her maxims: Compassion is the law of laws. She explained that brotherhood is not a mere ideal - it is a fact in nature on the spiritual plane. From that we derive a logical basis and a binding source for morality that can guide and inspire us, even while more traditional religious sources are losing their compelling force. She gives us the metaphysics from which we can deduce the most important priciples of how to live.

The master collection of her work extends 3 feet on a bookshelf. (In today's age it is also available on a CD-rom.) Her master work is the Secret Doctrine, written in 1888 - a book that will remain seminal for centuries. Her first book-length work, Isis Unveiled, shook the rafters of science and religion, and the world hasn't been the same since. Many people reading this will hold views that were first planted in the West by Blavatsky. Some of the views you hold were brought by her. She also has an introductory book, Key to Theosophy, and an inspiration book, Voice of the Silence, for those few who are ready to tread in the footsteps of advanced disciples - or at least for those who want their soul to hear the same call. We also have introductory books recommended in the bookstore since her master work would be quite challenging for a newcommer to this philosophy.



The Secret Doctrine

The opus magnum that lays out the entire history of mankind as it really happened and not as is taught.


What is the topic in the Forum for this week:



The topic in the Forum is a discussion of what is abstract space? Is it the rootless root to all that arises out of the absolute? Is it the ground of all being, referred to by the late David Boheme? 


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Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy
by Gottfried de Purucker. A series of lectures that provides an excellent introduction to Theosophy.

On this site we have HPB's and WQJ's articles and we point to other sources online for other theosophical works. We also supply a search engine for those articles [that's coming].  Ages ago (in internet time) when this site first started, it aimed to show evidence confirming the teaching she brought. There is a start made in that direction and there is far more confirmatory evidence coming online as the years progress. In the days, months, and years to come, we will be presenting those confirmatory evidences in the sciences; in geology, in physics, in biology, in astronomy. HPB presented truth, as far as she was permitted, and now we students are able to benefit from her fearless attempts to break the norm of her day.

We at BlavatskyNet are continuously being surprised at how Theosophy has grown on the net, back in 1996 we were the first Theosophical site to go online, and now the list keeps on growing, internationally. This is the best vindication that HPB, WQJ and HSO could have received, back in 1875 it was an idea, a dream, a hope.

Best wishes in exploring this site and pursuing the teachings of Theosophy.


Estela Carson-Priede

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