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Ancient Egypt

Egypt the land of mystery has intrigued its conquerors, visitors and archeologists for a millennium. Ancient Egypt holds a great unknown, which has caused much speculation and argument. “While Egyptologists agree that the Egyptian civilization was complete at its very beginning, with hieroglyphs, myths, mathematics, and a sophisticated system of measure, de Lubicz goes further, showing that it was of a development; it was a legacy. – John Anthony West from “Serpent in the Sky.” The eternal argument surrounding Egypt is where did the Egyptians come from? Many speculate Atlantis, others propose an Alien heritage.  There is no mention of their origin in their written hieroglyphs

Throughout recorded history, scholars, philosophers, artists, and architects have paid homage to and in many cases practiced the ancient sacred science—or however much of it they still could access. Neo-Platonists, Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Masons, alchemists, astrologers, magicians, and kabbalists all claimed their knowledge descended from very ancient times, and most believed that Egypt was its source. Kepler, for example, exulted when he discovered the orbital paths of the planets, asserting that he had rediscovered the knowledge of the Egyptians. But few students, if any, actually set out to prove the extent of Egyptian knowledge, and even if such an attempt had been made, the raw data was not available to lay the groundwork for accomplishing it. -John Anthony West. “The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt.” Quest Magazine JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2000)

Helena Blavatsky makes many references to Egypt in fact her first book was title: Isis Unveiled. Throughout the years following Isis Unveiled many articles throughout the Theosophical diaspora were on Egypt and what she wrote. 

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