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No Religion Higher Than Truth

The Metaphysics of It All

Our underlying view of metaphysics is much more important to us than we might at first think. Our metaphysical view shapes our assumptions and our assumptions shape our opinions and our values. These shape our thoughts, our actions, and how we live. 

In the case of Darwinism we can consider this dependence more specifically. Suppose we have the view that Darwinism is the cause of the origin of species. This might seem just a detail but it is not. This view gives us a basis for a materialistic outlook on life. Understandably we will reach different views on the variety of sanctity of life issues for example. Suppose instead we recognize the failings of the Darwinian hypothesis. I mean the utter failings. Then we must at least leave room in our underlying values for a more spiritual view. That orientation is likely to give us a sense of a purpose in life, a connection to the universe. It should in turn lead us to view all sentient life around us in a more respectful way.

H. P. Blavatsky wrote extensively on the subjects of Metaphysics, a very wide and deep subject dealing with issues beyond this physical reality, which is exactly what the word means. Although, her articles are listed in alphabetical order elsewhere, herewith I have listed those that deal specifically with metaphysics.

If we look at the world around us, the people and groups of ideas that swirl in contention, we see a most remarkable clustering of ideas. Theosophy is of course on the spiritual end and not the materialistic end of this polarity. Yet it is the materialistic version that is taught to our high school students and imposed upon our civilization in a wide variety of ways. The consequences are profound, pervasive and major.

Reed Carson, the late co-founder of Theosophy Foundation, Inc., and Blavatsky Net, wrote on the metaphysical aspects of Theosophy He also touched upon some religious history that anticipated Theosophy and themes that impact Theosophy today.

Many wonder what is an occultist and how does this discipline relate to Theosophy. Throughout history we encounter different aspects of occultism, yet all arrive at the same point – there is only one source at the heart of existence. 

We highlight a few articles from Theosophy Magazine, which was originally started by Robert Crosbie, President of the United Lodge of Theosophists back in 1926. 

Near Death Experiences -articles covering Near Death Experience confirming the teachings of Theosophy, along with articles regarding the Supernatural and Astral phenomena.

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