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Secret Doctrine

The Secret Doctrine, originally published as 2 volumes in 1888, is Madame Blavatsky’s magnum opus. It covers the creation of the universe, the evolution of humankind, and the primordial tradition underlying the various religions, mythologies and philosophies of the world. It is the seminal book of esoteric knowledge of our age.

Entire Secret Doctrine available free online

Volume I and II From the type-reset version of the Secret Doctrine by Theosophical University Press (TS at Pasadena) – with attention to fidelity to original. In text searchable form.  

Volume I (Cosmogenesis) and Volume II (Anthropogenesis) A photographic image in PDF form from the photofacsimile version of the Secret Doctrine published by Theosophy Company (ULT). Therefore same as original.

There ia s disputed Volume III. From Theosophical Publishing House (Theosophical Society at Adyar). The original Secret Doctrine as published by H.P. Blavatsky in 1888 had only TWO volumes. This 3rd volume was added later after her death by assembling various papers. People disagree as to whether, or to what extent, this represents one of the additional volumes she had referenced within the Secret Doctrine itself. The co-founder of Blavatsky Net, Reed Carson’s personal view is that this is not the version she had completed. My (Estela Carson’s) personal view is that HPB sent the remaining two unpublished but completed volumes to William Q. Judge for editing. Upon his death, two colleagues of his took the two volumes. What happened to them, there is no answer. See a useful contrary opinion.

Excerpts from the Secret Doctrine

The following links are Blavatsky’s comments on “The Stanzas of Dzyan” from the structure of the Secret Doctrine. There are 7 stanzas in Volume I and 12 Stanzas in Volume II. Commentary is obligatory or they are generally unintelligible otherwise.

3 Fundamental Propositions from the Proem of the S.D

Summing Up

Conclusion from the second volume of the Secret Doctrine

Preliminary Notes – a short presentation of the material to be covered in the second volume. It is a brief treatise on Man’s appearance according to the ancient wisdom tradition, of which the Secret Doctrine is a representation.

Wrap Up – the concluding remarks by HPB on her work, and what she had hoped was accomplished by the first two volumes, and a comment regarding the last two volumes that continue to remain unpublished.

Creation Myths

The Stanzas of Dzyan Volume I

The Stanzas of Dzyan Volume II

Online Articles about the Secret Doctrine

Authorship of the Secret Doctrine – by WQ Judge quoting letters from teachers of Blavatsky.

A Word on the Secret Doctrine – letter from the teachers of Blavatsky about authorship.

The Writing of The Secret Doctrine by Kirby Van Mater – assembled from public sources about how it was written.

Introductory Articles on the Secret Doctrine

Studies in The Secret Doctrine.25 Articles from 150 pages of Theosophy Magazine.

The Six Fundamental Propositions of The Secret Doctrine by John P. van Mater.


Archaic History of the Human Race by Gertrude W. van Pelt M.D.

Theosophy: A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom   by Alvin Boyd Kuhn. Chapter VIII pp. 193-231 is on the Secret Doctrine

Research on the Stanzas of Dzyan

The Book of Dzyan by David Pratt.

Four articles from “Blavatsky’s Secret Books: Twenty Years’ Research” by David and Nancy Reigle.

Technical Terms in Stanza I
Technical Terms in Stanza II (not available -Bnet Editors)
Theosophy in Tibet:  The Teachings of the Jonangpa School
The Doctrine of Svabhava or Svabhavata  and the Questions of Anatman and Shunyata

The Secret Doctrine in the Light of 20th-Century Thought by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

From students contemporary with Blavatsky

Theosophical Gleanings – Two students collated from the Secret Doctrine on the ancient history of Humanity and the result was noted by Blavatsky herself with approval. This is a very helpful summary of Blavatsky’s teachings on the pre-history of Humanity. 

The “Secret Doctrine” and Its Study by Bowen. The text says: “”Being extracts from the notes of personal teachings given by H.P. Blavatsky. to private pupils during the years 1888 to 1891, included in a large MSS volume left to me by my father, who was one of the pupils. — P.G.B. Bowen”.

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Secret Doctrine 2 Volumes

This 2-volume set from the Theosophical University Press in hardback or in paperback is a bit easier to carry around. Again, it is a photo facsimile of the original print.

Secret Doctrine Index

Theosophical University Press publishes an index which provides ready access to the vast quantity of material from many cultures set forth in the original two volumes

Secret Doctrine -One Volume

Blavatsky’s encyclopedia arcana is available in a reset and redesigned single-volume edition, complete and unabridged. Its truths and challenges are available to the intrepid reader, who may find yet-unknown insights within its pages.

Abridgement of the Secret Doctrine

This abridgement presents the central insight of the original text in accessible form, simplified by the selection of those passages that are most interesting and relevant for the contemporary reader. This is a good first step toward grasping some of the basic tenets of Theosophy.

Secret Doctrine – Abridged & Annotated

Madame Blavatsky’s Victorian-era masterpiece is now scaled down to its essentials, providing the most readable, accessible experience ever of one of history’s seminal occult works.

Invitation to the Secret Doctrine

For those who would like to explore the essence of The Secret Doctrine, or who have had difficulty penetrating its two large volumes, An Invitation to The Secret Doctrine should prove welcome. Based on Blavatsky’s study suggestions given to her personal students, it is a succinct and appealing statement of the SD’s principal teachings in her own words.

Commentaries on her contributions to World Thought

This commentary unravels mysteries that surround famed Russian occultist Helena P. Blavatsky and her mammoth classic, The Secret Doctrine. She was called an “adventuress” in an age when women’s activities were restricted. …Others called her the greatest occultist in the history of Western civilization.

Reminiscences of H. P. Blavatsky and The Secret Doctrine

A detailed account of the writing of The Secret Doctrine during the years 1887- 1888, while HPB resided in England.


Expressly for the purpose of those who wish to read and gain a deeper understanding of the “Secret Doctrine.”

Presenting an exposition of the doctrines of the esoteric philosophy, analyzing and explaining all the terms used.