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Astrology and Astro Events

Astrology is the mother of Astronomy, an audacious statement and one that needs to be stated. The science of Astrology is the continuous recordings of effects seen on the Earth as subsequent planetary configurations for over 8,000 years. HPB claimed in “Astrology and Astrolatry” that the ancient knowledge of planetary movements came to ancient Greece from the Indian subcontinent. “It was Orpheus, as he [Lucian] says, who imparted the Indian Sciences to nearly all the great monarchs of antiquity; and it was they, the ancient kings favored by the Planetary Gods, who recorded the principles of Astrology” -Blavatsky Collected Writings, Vol. 14, pages 344-352. 

HPB and WQJ penned a few articles on astrology and the ancient traditions that used the science of Astrology. 

Reed Carson in his BNet newsletter of December 2005, addressed the issue of Astrology and established science’s disdain for the discipline. A disdain that comes from science separating itself from all religious influence in the early 1800’s. After all, didn’t scientist of the Renaissance and later periods receive rather harsh treatment from the religious orders of the day? 

  • Astrology, Reed Carson’s insightful newsletter of December 2005 is a good introduction to this subject. 

Also, I am adding articles pertaining to Astrology from the Theosophist Magazine.

I am also introducing astro events, a series of significant astrological events that could have significant effects on this planet. This section is rather different from all the other pages on BlavatskyNet. Here I will be updating information on upcoming Astrological events that could impact us all. Much of the recent Astrological configurations have already caused many hardships due to earthquakes, torrential rains, incredible snow falls, not to mention Volcanic eruptions. Not to mention, economic, social and spiritual struggles that we are all dealing with. With Pluto entering Aquarius (which it does every 248 years approximately) and residing in this sign for the next twenty or so years, we can expect recent convulsions to continue. -Happy reading.