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Theosophy Online

Below are some of the websites throughout the world that present in some manner Theosophical Teachings. Some have deviated from the core teachings, but most adhere to the groundwork that Madame Blavatsky laid down in her voluminous writings. We list them because, we feel that a true student of God’s Wisdom can pick up the kernels of truth without attaching to himself/herself the husks of falsehood.

If you would like to have your group listed below, please send an email to [email protected], and I will be happy to visit your site. Please note that we only list those groups that use the framework of Theosophy to help identify the workings of the Absolute (the Source).

Blavatsky Net—You are here
Blavatsky Archives Online– by Daniel Caldwell. Lots of proprietary theosophical material that has been gathered over the years.
Blavatsky Theosophy – site hosted by Matthew Webb, an associate of the ULT Lodge in London, England. Does a weekly roundtable talk via Skype. Good material.
Blavatsky Trust Foundation-Founded by the late Geoffrey Farthing
Exploring Theosophy – David Pratt’s home page -great articles
Modern Theosophy– Katinka Hesselink – although no longer a “Theosophist” Ms. Hesselink write articles that are theosophical in viewpoint. Ms. Hesselink continues to be closely associated with the Theosophical Society.
Rudy’s Home Page – Rodolfo Don, articles from The Theosophist, plus others
Soehne Des Feuers – Sons of Fire, a really good Theosophical website from Germany, sections in English and does a good job in capturing worldwide events in the Theosophical community.
Theosophy Net– created by Gerald Schueler
Temple of the People – actively dedicated to living the teachings of Theosophy, although they prefer not to call it Theosophy (whatever).
Theosophy in Russia a difficult site to get to, not secure so you could be stopped from accessing. Also, site mostly in Russian
Theosophy Lodge Online – Sri Raghavan Iyer Memorial – articles, biographical notes.
Theosophy Nexus – a theosophical site that has online study courses and forum.
Theosophy Trust – an organization that was created to better understand “the Science of Spirituality, the Religion of Responsibility and the Philosophy of Perfectibility.”
Theosophy Watch – A very good website developed by a very long-time student of theosophy, also has good insight into theosophy and science.
Theosophy World – by Eldon Tucker, this site seems to have been merged with Theosophy. net.
Universal Theosophy – theosophical oriented site – provides material for studying theosophy.