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Theosophical Writings

Throughout the years since the inception of the Theosophical Society many Theosophists have contributed to the precepts of Theosophy. Each one contributing his/her particular and insightful knowledge of the ancient wisdom religion. Here we gather some of these articles in an attempt to broaden the offerings on Theosophical Thought. 

In the early days of the T.S. HPB had an important contributor to the Society, Dr. Alexander Wilder (1823 – 1909), one of the earliest members of the Theosophical Society. During the years 1877-1880 he served as a Vice President, of the Theosophical Society, after that, he was a member of the General Council of the Theosophical Society.

When commenting on how Isis Unveiled was published, HPB wrote about Dr. Wilder’s significant contribution:

“When the work was ready, we submitted it to Professor Alexander Wilder, the well-known scholar and Platonist of New York, who after reading the matter, recommended it to Mr. Bouton for publication. Next to Colonel Olcott, it is Professor Wilder who did the most for me. It is he who made the excellent Index, who corrected the Greek, Latin, and Hebrew words, suggested quotations and wrote the greater part of the Introduction ‘Before the Veil.’ If this was not acknowledged in the work, the fault is not mine, but because it was Dr. Wilder’s express wish that his name should not appear except in footnotes. I have never made a secret of it, and every one of my numerous acquaintances in New York knew it.”

As Boris de Zirkoff pointed out,

“Many statements by HPB, particularly in Isis Unveiled, the Key and the Glossary are taken from Dr. Alexander Wilder’s small booklet: New Platonism and Alchemy, Albany, N.Y., 1869

Charles. James Ryan (1865-1949) born in Halifax, England. Of wide-ranging interests and talents, his art was exhibited at London’s Royal Academy and, at age 26, he succeeded his father as principal of the government School of Art in Ventnor, Isle of Wight. In 1894, he met a pupil of H. P. Blavatsky and soon joined the Theosophical Society. A few years later, in 1900, he accepted Katherine Tingley’s invitation to help build the Society’s new international headquarters at Point Loma, California where he served until his death as a teacher at its schools and a frequent contributor on literary, historical, scientific, and theosophical topics.

The Fragments of Occult Truth is a series of 3 articles that appeared in The Theosophist starting in October 1881 written by A. O. Hume. The ensuing 5 additional articles were written by A. P. Sinnett who wrote the articles based upon teachings he received from H. P. Blavatsky and letters written by Mahatmas K.H. and M. Much of the information presented in these articles were used in A. P. Sinnett’s Book “Esoteric Buddhism.”

Herewith are articles presented in Theosophy Magazine written and presented in three consecutive “series” section as studies. Studies in the Secret Doctrine is the first of such series, I will be adding the next series – Isis Unveiled. 

BlavatskyNet wishes to thank J. DeSantis, Compiler, a student of Theosophy who did the humungus work of collating nearly all of the articles that the Theosophy Magazine printed and donated them to BlavatskyNet. 

Studies in the Secret Doctrine

[COMPILER’S NOTE: This whole 25-part series of articles was originally presented in three consecutive series sections. “First Series” of eight, which are numbered I-VIII. The “Second Series” has nine articles, numbered I-IX; and the “Third Series” has eight, numbered I-VIII. Even though each article has a different sub-heading, I tell you this just to be sure that there is no confusion when you see articles with the same roman numerals.]

First Series

Second Series

Third Series

Studies in Isis Unveiled