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No Religion Higher Than Truth

Science and Theosophy

This section deals with Theosophy’s Absolute and the Multiverse of Science

What is physics and how does it relate to Theosophy. Helena Blavatsky wrote extensively on physics in the Secret Doctrine. Yet her presentation of physics was not Newtonian, nor of the new physics of her day, but rather closer to quantum physics, and really closer still to the modern interpretations of what physics is really all about. Maya, it is all illusion, set up to look like solid reality. 

So, when H. P. Blavatsky began her outreach regarding her writings culminating with her seminal work The Secret Doctrine, much of her premises regarding science was ridiculed by the science establishment of her day. Yet in the 136 years since the publication of the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled, the science establishment has had to concede to many of her concepts. The concepts she presented were routed in the Wisdom-Religion that was known in antiquity. Truth stands the test of Time. 

In this section we will explore the correlations between the Physics of Theosophy and the physics of modern times. And we will go beyond quantum physics into vibrational physics where all is frequency. 

I have added articles on this subject from HPB, WQJ and Reed Carson, co-founder of Theosophy Foundation, Inc., and this site.

HPB Articles:


William Q. Judge also wrote a few articles regarding Science and Theosophy.


Reed Carson Articles:


During the ensuing years, many articles written by students of Theosophy have been written regarding Science and the Secret Doctrine, pointing out the similarities and the contradictions. Many of the articles below were presented in the United Lodge of Theosophists “Theosophy Magazine” established by Robert Crosbie, President and one of the Founders of the organization, back in 1912. The magazine ceased publication in 2000 and was replaced by The Theosophical Movement out of India. 

Also, in this section I will be adding articles from other organizations that deal with Theosophy’s tenets regarding the Universe, its origin, its structure and its purpose.