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No Religion Higher Than Truth

Pre - History

A time comes to all of us when we suddenly look up at the sky and wonder where did we come from, and what’s out there? 

Pre-history is very important to where we are going forward.

In the annals of modern concept of history, there is much that has been either purposely hidden or simply avoided. Either reason is a result that a truthful account of humanity’s past goes against the current established narrative. But like science, the truth, little by little, comes out following a funeral.

Atlantis Main 
Atlantis, much has been written. The most popular commentator was Edgar Cayce. However, HPB touched upon Atlantis and Lemuria in her writings, see Land of Mystery.  Destruction by Fire is an article that the late Reed Carson, co-founder of Blavatsky.net and Theosophy Foundation, Inc., wrote on the destruction of Lemuria.  Reed also did a thorough analysis on Atlantis, herewith we publish his findings and arguments along with other Theosophical articles. 

Ancient Man 
Much controversy swirls around the seemingly “recorded” history of mankind. The established scientific community continues to refuse considering the verbal histories of native populations as having any validity and are only fictional stories and myths to entertain. Yet, the stance of “orthodoxy” is beginning to weaken, as current archeological discoveries, especially in South America, and in the Euro-Asia continent are beginning to confirm some of the stories. Red Headed Giants found in Lovelock, Nevada, in Peru and Mexico,  Gobekli Tempe in Turkey, Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon and Pyramids in Antartica and China.  And so, we have started an Ancient Man category and hope to keep adding articles that document and confirm HPB’ s statements in the Secret Doctrine.

Ancient Egypt
A land of mystery that has captivated the world since 1799, when Napolean dared to sleep inside the Great Pyramid.

The Americas