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Ancient Man

“More than a century has passed since Charles Darwin published his great work, The Origin of Species. Though not the first to propound the modern theory of evolution, Darwin’s brilliant exposition, child of his fertile brain and his assiduous research was widely accepted in many quarters, but at the same time became the focal point of conflicting theories. Through the ensuing years, controversy, often acrimonious, waxed and waned periodically. Today, however, the various theories having been studied and tested, evolutionists are reaching towards some form of agreement in the areas of biology, genetics, cytology, paleontology and ecology. Yet it is a synthesis which is completely physical, utterly soulless, and one which still allots to man a purely animal ancestry.” – Helen Todd, “Esoteric Man” pg. 1.

In this section of the site, I hope to bring awareness to the question of who we are really, are we spiritual beings having a material experience on our journey home or are we only material beings having no expectation beyond death. In the second volume of the Secret Doctrine, Helena P. Blavatsky wrote extensively about the history of Man and his journey from the incorporeal to the corporeal. She titled the second volume “Anthropogenesis”, or the study of Man.  


I am also adding to this list the enigma of the Basque language and its people. Where did they really come from? Much controversy surrounding their origins continues to this day. Reed Carson tackles what is known of these mysterious peoples both in established history and what is mentioned in the Secret Doctrine and other theosophical publications in two newsletters and we herewith insert them. 


Theosophy Magazine, started in 1912 by Robert Crosbie, President of the United Lodge of Theosophy showcased many articles expanding in depth what H.P. Blavatsky wrote in her books about the history of ancient man. 

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