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Growing Cone-Shaped Alignment of the Outer Planets

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New Moon in Gemini at 16 degrees on June 6th, 2024

As of this writing shrill voices of conflict are rising to alarming heights, and there are astrological reasons for this heated discussion. We are in a grand cycle of undoing; the age of Pisces is ending, and the age of Aquarius is rising. This transition has been and will continue to be tumultuous as the structures that have been in place for the last 2,500 years are now being torn down. This is the principal energy signature upon which current planetary formations are riding upon and this underlying energy configuration will continue to influence our Earth and Humanity until we enter the age of Capricorn around 4324 AD. What exactly is the underlying energetic expression of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign with it’s principal signature “I Know”, it is a sign that seeks facts as guideposts to action. Being ruled by Uranus, which now takes on a stronger impetus of fierce independence to the point of rebellion. And so, this age will be punctuated by rebellion, by independence and by science. Aquarius promises humanity’s next expansion: Space. (Please read my article of February 6, 2023 – “New Moon in Aquarius February 9th for more details.)

I am also a bit surprised at the current astrological community’s lack of sensitivity to the hardships that most of humanity is now suffering. I read that we are in happy times and the future holds much promise. While Aquarius does promise a more positive and expansive future for humanity, we first must traverse Pluto’s transit through the sign. Last time Pluto was transiting the last degrees of Capricorn, and the first decan of Aquarius was 1776, through the ensuing years momentous controversial and contentious changes occurred throughout the world, political, economic, and social.  We are in repeat mode to 2026.

The Sabian meaning for Gemini at 16 degrees.
Positive attributes: Wanting to be a part of the dialogue in politics, religion and society.

Negative attributes: A tendency to harangue everyone with a bias to forever exalt oneself. 


New Moon in Gemini an air sign trines Pluto in Aquarius, we are tasked to initiate new ideas on how to navigate our way forward. This lunation will also conjunct Venus at 16 degrees, while squaring Saturn at 18 degrees Pisces. Venus is also a money planet, that deals with our ability to earn an income stream. Therefore, there could arise much frustration over the inability to afford what we desire for our home, our family, and our ego. This is a time for a reality check on our monetary aspirations.

Also of interest is the current hoopla about the planetary alignment, readers of Astro Events have been dealing with the planetary alignment since February of 2023. This heliocentric (meaning from the Sun’s viewpoint looking outward) alignment began to form back in the summer of 2023 and is slowly coming to a grand cone configuration that will peak on October 15/23, 2024. This configuration last occurred in 79 AD, its strong electromagnetic pull on the Sun, caused a strong volcanic eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii and surrounding hamlets. Currently, this configuration is funneling electromagnetic flows from galactic center toward the Sun causing an uptick in solar flares and coronal mass ejections (cmes). This will continue and the fear is, it will increase and intensify.

Below are some of the issues you might need to face, meditate upon and initiate changes in order to move more effectively on your path. Check your birth chart to see in what house Gemini resides:

  • First House -the house of personality, how do you present yourself to the world, how do you interact with others.
  • Second House -the house of possessions and earning abilities, how do you value your stuff and how do you value others.
  • Third House -the house of communication, early education, and your interaction with your brother/sister.
  • Fourth House -the house of personal foundation, your family, home, how secure are you.
  • Fifth House -the house of children both physical and artistic, speculation with money and people and love affairs, how are you doing?
  • Sixth House -the house of health and work, how are you dealing with overall health and are you happy at work, how are you feeling about both areas?
  • Seventh House -the house of relationships, lover, marriage, business partnerships, how are you feeling about all the above, are there underlying problems to work out.
  • Eighth House -the house of taxes, major investments, death, how are you dealing with these issues. Change your perceptions, change your reality.
  • Nineth House -the house of higher education, outlook on life in general (philosophy) and your adherence to a particular religion, how are they meeting your reality.
  • Tenth House -the house of social standing, your reputation and profession, and your relationship to authority, how are you dealing with the stresses.
  • Eleventh House -the house of associations, friends and what you aspire to, how are you interacting with others, are they helping you advance.
  • Twelfth House -the house of endings, of finding strength in these times of troubles.

In your meditation session, either the night before or the night after, hold in your left-hand Lapis Lazuli, the royal stone of ancient Egypt, known for truthful communication and inner vision to help you find the necessary steps to your goals. Also helpful during this lunation is Labradorite which helps you to access the spiritual realms, connecting you to guides that can help you transition the issues that are currently affecting you.

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