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Science And The Secret Doctrine, Part II

Theosophy Magazine
Vol. 15, No. 2 December 1926
pages 57 - 61

Part II

THE cycles of glaciation have never been adequately explained, and the perplexities and puzzles encountered in their attempted understanding still form one of the principal scientific stumbling blocks. Obviously, on the theory of a steadily cooling earth, present warmth where frozen wastes formerly existed could only be explained upon the theory of astronomical changes of a very obscure nature; and the huge coal beds in the Arctic regions, showing the former presence there of tropical climates, join in the evidence for cycles of very intense climatic alterations.

Mr. H. Helm Clayton, of Blue Hill Observatory, Mass., says that the climate in all localities is in a state of ebb and flow, and that the extremes of summer and winter are being softened in the United States. He speculates as to whether this is the beginning of an inter-glacial period, or the high point of a warm period from which there will be a retreat. He repudiates the old idea that climate is a fixed quantity. (Literary Digest, Jan. 9, 1926.)

A writer in the San Francisco Examiner, March 21, 1926, discusses the steady retreat of the polar ice cap, as revealed in rocks, fossils, and bones, and mentions the present scientific idea that the cold will return at some date in the distant future. There is no longer any doubt that the climate of the Arctic is growing warmer at present. Capt. Hermansen has made temperature observations proving the fact. The glaciers are diminishing in length and thickness, and mountain ridges are emerging.

What does all this mean? It is accurate but unsatisfying to say that it is an example of that periodicity — the Second Fundamental of the Secret Doctrine — which governs all action whatsoever. Science does not yet recognize the tremendous changes of the polar axes which occur periodically. Capt. T. J. J. See, for instance, claims that he has proven the known polar motions to be due to tides in the Pacific, and that astronomical observations in many localities confirm the idea. This very slight oscillation, however, has nothing to do with such great changes as would be necessary to explain glacial periods. Sufficient changes in the radiation of the sun have not been observed, in the first place, and could not be explained — scientifically — in the second place.

…it is absolutely false, and but an additional demonstration of the great conceit of our age, to assert (as men of science do) that all the great geological changes and terrible convulsions have been produced by ordinary and known physical forces. (S.D. I, 640.)

The ever-blooming lands of the Second Continent (Greenland, among others) were transformed, in order, from Edens with their eternal spring, into hyperborean Hades. This transformation was due to the displacement of the great waters of the globe, to oceans changing their beds; and the bulk of the Second Race perished in this first great throe of the evolution and consolidation of the globe during the human period. Of such great cataclysms there have already been four. And we may expect a fifth for ourselves in due course of time. [Footnote.] The first occurred when what is now the North Pole was separated from the later Continents. (S.D. II, 138.)

Thus, as the latter disturbance is attributed by geologists and astronomers to “an extreme eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit,” and as the Secret Doctrine attributes it to the same source, but with the addition of another factor, the shifting of the Earth’s axis — a proof of which may be found in the Book of Enoch, if the veiled language of the Purânas is not understood — all this should tend to show that the ancients knew something of the “modern discoveries” of Science. Enoch, when speaking of “the great inclination of the Earth,” which “is in travail,” is quite significant and clear. (S.D. II, 144-5.)

The Ocean of Theosophy, pages 120-124, refers to certain forces operative in producing climatic changes and convulsions, which may well be active in this present polar change.

Dr. Henry Norris Russell, of Princeton University, claims to have evidence for periodic changes in the diameter of the earth. (Scientific American, July,  1926.) There is indeed much still to be discovered by physical science regarding the universal changes which go hand in hand with psychic racial changes, destructions, etc.

This “Sacred Land” … is stated never to have shared the fate of the other continents; because it is the only one whose destiny it is to last from the beginning to the end of the Manvantara throughout each Round. It is the cradle of the first man and the dwelling of the last divine mortal, chosen as a Sishta for the future seed of humanity. Of this mysterious and sacred land very little can be said, except, perhaps, according to a poetical expression in one of the Commentaries, that the “pole-star has its watchful eye upon it, from the dawn to the close of the twilight of ‘a day’ of the GREAT BREATH.” (S.D. II, 6.)

This land, identified with Mount Meru in the ancient sacred writings, extended by degrees southward to form a new continent which took in all of Northern Asia. Ages later came the third great continent, Lemuria, whose locale was mainly in the Pacific, to be followed by the lost Atlantis. Resistance to the idea of a Pacific or Atlantic continent — especially inhabited ones — was powerful in the time of H. P. Blavatsky, but is now rapidly weakening.

Sculptures of elephants have been found in Central America which lead some scientists to believe that the culture of the Mayas and Peruvians came from India and Cambodia, with something of Chinese influence. (Scientific American, Jan., 1926.) Scientists who do not like to believe that theory think that the sculptures represent macaws instead of elephants, though one must say that it would seem to take considerable imagination to transform an elephant’s trunk into a parrot’s beak. Prof. G. Elliott Smith, a foremost authority in archeology, also thinks so; has in fact written a book on “Elephants and Archeologists.” It is improbable that even he is prepared to admit that the connection was overland via a lost continent, but archeological dates are due for a violent and radical revision within the next few score years.

Dr. Francis Xavier Schaffer, of Vienna, denies that there could have been a continent in the Pacific, upon geologic grounds accepted by him. It is an amusing irony of circumstance that in the selfsame publication (Science, Nov. 27, 1925.) G. Dallas Hanna, of the California Academy of Science, and Dr. Alfred O. Woodford prove that there was a Pacific continent.

In Southern California, there is a large mass of sediment called the San Onofre Breccia, which came from the west and was evidently moved by a river of continental size. The gentlemen named accept in toto the former presence of a continent west of North America. One surmises that as the Breccia must have been laid down in water, this continent was above water when the Western coast of North America had not risen. Without a former land connection of this kind, it would be difficult to understand how that peculiar being, the paddle-fish, continues to survive simultaneously in Mississippi and China, not being found elsewhere except in the form of fossils in Wyoming. (Scientific Monthly, Jan., 1923.) Following present fashion it is easy to ascribe a connection between American and Asiatic human culture to migration via Behring Strait. The paddle-fish can hardly be disposed of in the same way.

Turning to Atlantis, a necklace of cave bear teeth found in a limestone cave of South-western France, is of such nature as to cause speculation as to whether the art did not originate in Atlantis. (Popular Mechanics, April, 1926.)

In the Los Angeles Times, for Jan. 3, 1926, Peter Gray Wolf (whether an “authority” or not, we do not know) gives quite a mass of evidence for Atlantis from geological, anthropological, historical and traditional grounds, with some interesting maps. What is more, he gives credit to H. P. Blavatsky as a pioneer in the field of evidence for Atlantis.

While a number of scientists, in spite of an immeasurable mass of evidence, continue to believe that continents retain somewhat constant positions, there are others who do not agree. The San Francisco Examiner, Jan. 7, 1926, says that French geologists believe that Western Europe is facing a huge catastrophe in the next few years; they think that all of England and large parts of French, German, and Belgian coast regions may disappear under water. We have doubts as to the immediacy of such a catastrophe; nevertheless, the Secret Doctrine teaches that among the next lands to go will be Great Britain and large parts of France. The question then is whether the Secret Doctrine is becoming respectable enough to be the inspiration for orthodox geologists, or whether H. P. Blavatsky had knowledge in advance of present geologic evidence. We are willing to rest upon either supposition.

Meantime it is known that populated areas have disappeared beneath the sea. Many centuries ago an earthquake altered the coast line of the Caspian Sea. Tradition says that the City of Karadasheger disappeared then. Capt. Alexis Atayeff of the Soviet Mercantile Fleet, says that he has been able to distinguish submerged cities and buildings of ancient Asiatic architecture, which are believed to be remains of that city. (San Francisco Bulletin, Oct. 28, 1925.) It is also well-known that certain Greek temples have been practically submerged by a subsidence of the Mediterranean coast line, and survey records show that New York is settling at the rate of two feet per century.

“…Divine Kings descended and taught men sciences and arts, for man could live no longer in the first land (Adi-Varsha, the Eden of the first Races), which had turned into a white frozen corpse.”

The above is suggestive. We will see what can be inferred from this brief statement. Some may incline to think that there is more in it than is apparent at first sight. (S.D. II, 201.)

…the Occult teaching … shows the (now) polar regions as the earliest of the seven cradles of Humanity, and as the tomb of the bulk of the mankind of that region during the Third Race, when the gigantic continent of Lemuria began separating into smaller continents. (S.D. II, 324.)

The first continent, or island, if so preferred, “the cap of the North Pole,” has never perished; nor will it to the end of the Seven Races. (S.D. II, 372.)

In that case why did Peary find hundreds of fathoms of water at the pole; why did Commander Byrd circumnavigate the pole by airship and find no evidence of land? This ground we think has been sufficiently covered in the article, “Where is the North Pole?” (THEOSOPHY, April, 1926.) The results of the Amundsen expedition are not so easy to dispose of, since Amundsen flew direct across the pole and practically through the center of the unexplored polar seas. However, the organizers of other expeditions have been undeterred by his failure. (Washington Post, May 19, 1926.) It is noted that at least four-fifths of the unexplored area has been untouched, and it does happen, though few people have noted the fact, that land was seen at the pole. Ellsworth noted some rocky islands in that region during his flight. (Literary Digest, June 5, 1926.) The Norge, however, was flying through fog a considerable part of the time. There are various contradictory facts connected with this flight. One report says “there was no fog;” another states that the determination of the position of the ship was made possible by “an occasional lifting of the fog;” Amundsen and Nobile had a serious quarrel whose cause has not become public at the present writing; a feat of concealment, considering all the circumstances, nothing less than superhuman. On one occasion, Commander Nobile having given an interview to the papers, Amundsen became exceedingly eager to learn what had been said, stating that there might be something which he might want to contradict. It is not at all impossible that if land had been discovered of sufficient area to furnish depots and air bases, concealment of its existence pro. tem. would be to the interest of the Norwegian government — and Commander Nobile being an Italian, a peculiar situation might arise. This is not intended as innuendo against the rectitude of any member of the expedition. Time only will show what really lies in the North — and then again, will it? Certain regions of the earth are preserved from desecration by influences of which physical science recks little. Some polar expeditions have encountered an extraordinary series of misfortunes. (Popular Science Monthly, June, 1926.)

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