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No Religion Higher Than Truth

Articles of H. P. Blavatsky

Full Text Online of 238 Articles

From 1875 to about 1891 HPB wrote volumes worth of articles, all intended to explain the major principles of the Wisdom Religion that were expounded in her seminal work, “The Secret Doctrine.” Although archaic in phraseology, we recommend the student read her articles for insights into the doctrine that so caught the world that today she is called “The mother of modern spiritualty.”

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You will also notice that where she writes in another language, we have furnished you with the translation.

A Brief Introduction to the Articles

“H.P. Blavatsky (1831-1891) was the principal founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875, and the major inspiration of the resulting Theosophical Movement. Her best-known works are Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888). Of almost equal importance were her voluminous periodical writings, contributed to the Theosophist, which she founded in India in 1879. to Lucifer, begun in 1887, to the Path, edited by William Q. Judge (the third founder of the Theosophical Movement) in the United States, to some less known Theosophical journals, and a few other nineteenth-century periodicals. – Foreword, from Theosophical Articles”.

As you can see on the right panel, the articles are listed in alphabetical order. Most of these articles are available in hardback book form in the 3-volume set “Theosophical Articles: Reprinted from the Theosophist, Lucifer and Other Nineteenth-Century Journals”. These articles are marked in Articles” . The remaining articles are also available in hardback book form in “A Modern Panarion” and they are marked “In Panarion”. In the coming months we will be posting her other writings as they appeared in various journals, newspapers, anthologies.