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No Religion Higher Than Truth

Spiritualism In Russia

From A Modern Panarion

To the Editor of “The Spiritual Scientist.”

DEAR SIR,—In advices just received from St. Petersburg I am requested to translate and forward to The Scientist for publication the protest of the Hon. Alexander Aksakoff, Imperial Counsellor of State, against the course of the professors of the University respecting the Spiritualistic investigation. The document appears, in Russian, in the Vedomostji, the official journal of St. Petersburg.

This generous, high-minded, courageous gentleman has done the possible, and even the impossible, in order to open the spiritual eyes of those incurable moles who fear the daylight of truth as the burglar fears the policeman’s bull’s-eye.

The heartfelt thanks and gratitude of every Spiritualist ought to be forwarded to this noble defender of the cause, who regretted neither his time, trouble nor money to help the propagation of the truth.


New York, April 19th, 1876.*

* See Appendix, “A. Aksakoff’s Protest.”