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No Religion Higher Than Truth

Theosophy 101 - What's It All About

The Ancient Wisdom Tradition which H.P. Blavatsky presented a small fragment of, and called the movement and subject matter Theosophy, the synthesis of Religion – Philosophy and Science. Below are a few articles that we hope will help the student come to understand the basic principles of this philosophy-religion, which has a basis in the evolving theories of Quantum Physics. The ancients knew about energy fields and about the connectivity of the omniverse, they just used different words to describe, albeit a bit clumsily, what they understood to be the underlying “reality.”.

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I- Introduction: Theosophy Through the Ages

Eternal Ideas – Vision, Purpose, Objects
Historical Traces– Ancient Archetypes
Birth of the New Age – Modern Source (Bibliography)

 II – Universal Evolution: The Field of Unlimited Potentiality

Beyond Creationism and Darwinism – Involution and Evolution
The Soul’s Journey – The Courage to Create Our Destiny
Cosmic Evolution – The Dance of Life

 III – The Source of Life: The Unseen World

Beyond Time and Space – Unconditioned Consciousness
Sparks From the Flame – The Seeds of Divinity
Brotherhood – The Underlying Unity of Life

 IV – Karma and Reincarnation: The Reciprocal Laws of Development

Karma – The Law of Responsibility
Reincarnation – The Field of Progress
Implications and Applications -Taking the Law into Your Own Hands

 V – The Prismatic Universe: A Sevenfold Mystery

Macrocosm / Microcosm– Reflections of the Universe
The Sevenfold Universe – The Principles of Cosmos
The Septenary Constitution of Man – An Esoteric Road Map

 VI – Who Are We? Immortal and Mortal Man

The Dual Mind – Intuition and Intellect
Powers of the Mind – The Plane of Creation
Becoming Self – Evolvers – The Quest for Perfection

VII – Dreams and After Death States: The Invisible Worlds 

The Daily Journey – Three Planes of Human Life
Illuminating the Darkness – States After Death
Navigating Through Time – The Rights of Passage


Further Reading Material

 Articles by H. P. Blavatsky 
Articles by W. Q. Judge 
Divine Plan by Geoffrey Barborka 
Esoteric Fundamentals by Gottfried de Purucker

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