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No Religion Higher Than Truth

Change Of Name

From William Q. Judge Theosophical Articles, Vol. II.

Commencing with the next, April, number, the PATH, which has been published for ten years under that name, will drop the title and thereafter will be issued under the name of THEOSOPHY. Its management, aims, and policy will in no way be altered, but will continue on the lines laid down at the outset of its career.

It is hoped that the change of name will not result in any disappointment to the present friends and readers of the magazine. All existing subscriptions will be filled by sending THEOSOPHY, unless other instructions are given, in which case the wishes of subscribers will be carried out as nearly as may be possible.

The change of name will necessitate a change of title under which the publishing and book business is conducted, and this, beginning with the first of April, will be the Theosophical Publishing Company.

It is therefore requested that all business communications, and all orders and subscriptions shall be addressed to the Theosophical Publishing Company, and all drafts, checks, money-orders and other forms of remittance be made payable to the same. Nothing intended for this department should be personally addressed, and only such matters as have been mentioned should be included in letters intended for it. Serious delay and much annoyance will be avoided if our friends will kindly observe this request.

All communications intended for publications should be sent to “Editor of THEOSOPHY.”

The Path, March, 1896