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No Religion Higher Than Truth

The Charges Against William Q. Judge II

From William Q. Judge Theosophical Articles, Vol. II.

[BNet Editors – A few years after HPB died, HS Olcott spurred on by Annie Besant, who wanted to take over control of the Theosophical Society, began a series of denunciations and accusations against Judge. The main accusation was that he never received any letters from the Masters, and that he was never in contact with them, nor did he posses any psychic ability. Of course this was false, as he had in his possession letters that indeed were sent by the Masters, Also, because of his close association with HPB, she calling him publicly her dearest friend, Judge held a very important position in the Theosophical Society, especially in America. Annie had to destroy him, if she was to become the next President of the Theosophical Society. This is a sad tale of egotism, flagrant abuse of truth, and simple lust for power. In the coming months BNet will publish historical excerpts from a very insightful book, “The Theosophical Movement” ]

EDITOR Irish Theosophist:
A long and sustained attack has been made on me and charges have been brought forward by Mrs. Besant, and in The Westminster Gazette, which it is thought I should reply to more fully than I have as yet. A very good and decisive reason exists for my not making that full reply and explanation, and it is time Theosophist should know it. It is as follows:

I have not been furnished with copies of the documentary evidence by which the charges are said to be supported. These documents – being letters written by myself and some of them ten years old – have been in the possession of Mrs. Besant from about February, 1894, to July 19th, 1894, and open enemies of mine have been allowed to make copies of them, and also to take facsimiles, but they have been kept from me, although I have demanded and should have them. It must be obvious to all fair-minded persons that it is impossible for me to make a full and definite reply to charges without having certified copies of those documents.

I arrived in London July 4th, 1894, and constantly, each day, asked for the copies and for an inspection of the papers. Mrs. Besant promised both, but never performed her promise. The proceedings and the Convention closed July 13th, and for six days thereafter I daily asked for the copies and inspection, getting the same promise with the same failure, until July 19th, when I peremptorily demanded them. Mrs. Besant then said she had just given them to Colonel Olcott, to whom I at once applied. He said he had sent them all to India. I at once told this to Mrs. Besant, saying I would give the facts to the daily papers, whereupon she went to Colonel Olcott, who said he had made a mistake as they were in his box. He then — I being in a hurry to leave from Liverpool on the 21st — let me hastily see the papers in Dr. Buck’s presence, promising to send me copies. I had time to copy only two or three short letters. He has never fulfilled that promise.

These facts the members should know, as they ought at last to understand the animus under the prosecution. I shall not reply until I have full certified copies. It would seem that I am in this matter entitled to as much opportunity and consideration as my open enemies have had.

New York, Jan. 25th, 1895
The Irish Theosophist, February 15, 1895