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Circulating Library, A

From William Q. Judge Theosophical Articles, Vol. II

A theosophical circulating Library has been established at the General Secretary’s office in New York, Room 47, 21 Park Row. Donations of money and books have been made by members of the Aryan T.S. sufficient to start it, and it is expected that students throughout the country will be benefited by its use. The rules read as follows:

This Library is at the Headquarters of the Theosophical Society, Room 47, 21 Park Row, New York.

1. The books of this library will be lent to members of the Theosophical Society, and to students of Theosophy unable to purchase such.

2. Students not members of the Society must furnish endorsement from some member in good standing.

3. For ISIS UNVEILED or THE SECRET DOCTRINE, the charge will be 10 cts. per week, one volume only being allowed at a time; for any other book, five cts. per week, transit included.

4. The ordinary length of time during which a book may be kept out shall be 3 weeks, exclusive of the time required for freight or carriage; except that ISIS UNVEILED and THE SECRET DOCTRINE may be kept out 6 weeks.

5. Only one book at a time can be lent to a borrower.

6. Renewal of a book is permitted where no one else has asked for the same book before such request for renewal.

7. Expense of mailing or expressage must be remitted in advance before any book will be sent.

8. All books lost or defaced shall be paid for by the borrower or his or her endorser.

9. Violation of any rule will exclude from further use of the library.

Applications may be sent to the Librarian at above address.

All the best theosophical works will be kept on hand, and also as many useful books on psychological, mystical, and metaphysical subjects as the funds will permit. Among other books already on hand are: The Secret Doctrine, 2 sets; Isis Unveiled, 2 sets; Esoteric Buddhism, Occult World, Purpose of Theosophy, Magic, Paracelsus, THE PATH, Bhagavad Gita, Among the Rosicrucians, Bible Myths, ;&c.

It is intended for the use of all members throughout the United States. Borrowers will be careful to give accurate addresses and to take care of the books when taken out.

Donation of either money or books will be gladly received, and may be sent in care of THE PATH.

William Q. Judge,
The Path, June, 1889